How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape?

Whether it’s summer or winter, remember to wear sunglasses before going out. Sunlight contains ultraviolet light, and the damage to the eyes is cumulative. Sunglasses should also be worn during long drives; the dazzling light will affect or even harm the driver’s vision. How to choose good sunglasses?

First, you can choose according to your own needs and uses. Such as driving or travel, fishing, then choose polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have special lenses that filter out harmful light and glare from the sunlight.

Second, choose according to face shapes. There are several ways to match sunglasses with face shapes:

Round face: It is suitable for glasses with slightly thick frame and dark lens color. It has the visual effect of “tightening” face. Sunglasses with overblown yellow lenses, red lenses or slim frames make the face look bigger.

Narrow face: It is suitable for wearing thin frame or rimless sunglasses. Choose elegant blue, purple, light brown and other lens color will have unexpected effect.

Long face: You should choose flat circle or arc lens, slightly thick arms in order to reduce the elongate sense of long face. Choose a feminine pink or wine red lens to enhance the brightness of the face.

Square face: It is suitable for sunglasses with narrow width and rounded frame. Too large or too square frame will make the face look squarer. Lens color is best with brown.

Wide face: Suit to choose lighter color lens, thinner metal frame or rimless sunglasses to avoid a wider upper face that is more expansive.

The color of sunglasses is very exquisite, the lens of different color often has different use, you can choose according to yourself need. However, grey and brown sunglasses are the best for uv protection. Finally, choose the right material for sunglasses. The material of sunglasses includes two parts, the material of the frame and the lens. Those are the tips for picking sunglasses. Have you learned them yet?

How to match light-colored sunglasses?

The simple and elegant features of light tinted lens sunglasses let stylist have big play space whether frames, lenses, materials or colors. Light-colored sunglasses show designers’ pursuit of details to the greatest extent, such as Ancient Egyptian inscription decoration, crystal-embellished and hollowed-out engraved pattern, every detail is permeated with a strong artistic atmosphere.

Easy to all-match

I recommend light brown, sugar yellow and champagne sunglasses, no matter dress up this year’s popular white color, skin color clothing, or simply cowboy sport series. But keep in mind that if there are many designs and colors on clothes, you should choose most main color block among them to match with the color of sunglass.

In addition, if you wear blue outfit, you should avoid pin sunglass, such colour collocation is very discordant, blue sunglass is also not recommended, because whatever kind of outfit you wear with it, you will look bad with blue sunglass.

Natural makeup

Makeup can’t be too rich when wearing light-colored sunglass, the popular makeup look now is primarily light makeup that advocate natural and fresh nude makeup style, so the most important thing is to emphasize eyelashes after wearing sunglass, your should brush your eyelashes carefully painted with black mascara, improving the look of the eyes by enhancing the texture of eyelashes.

The style shine pearl shadow

Although whole makeup look is lighter, but emphasize the use of the style shine pearl shadow, then you can use the luminous effect of eye shadow to make the double eye behind sunglasses has more stereo feeling. On colour, suggest choosing the color such as pearlescent blue, shallow gold, try not to use smoky eyes, because smoky eye makeup can make the whole eye look dirty when wearing sunglasses.

Retro matte liquid

Don’t wear too much lipstick when wearing light-colored sunglasses; you can use clean and elegant colors such as pale pink and pale flesh. Choose matte lips to emphasize the lip gloss.

Dark hair

This year’s trend is dark black hair with purple gradient sunglasses, full of mystery. This year’s trend is dark black hair with purple gradient sunglasses, full of mystery. If you have short, neat and simple black hair, then wearing light-colored sunglass is a good choice.

Never just go for style and good-looking when buying sunglasses, you should pay attention to the quality of sunglasses, because health comes before beauty. If there is a need to buy, you should go to the brand store or choose a good reputation, after-sale guaranteed store.

How to match dark sunglasses?

Sunglasses are high demand in this season. They have become the first buy to protect your eyes and showcase glamour for fashionable men and women. There is an aura when you match with a pair of sunglasses, even though dress up a casual outfit; they’re one of your essential accessories, but how to match your sunglasses with costume, I will analyze them one by one for you.

Dark sunglasses

Dark lens sunglasses have a solid base of color, so the frame is freely designed with inlay technology, classic oversized style or metal materials. Moreover, the polarized dark lens sunglass is the better choice for driving, fishing or other outdoor activities. Because polarized lens can soften the beam of light that enters the eye in the same direction, eliminate interference from external light and make your vision clear and natural, it’s retro and practical at the same time.

Casual outfit

Dark lens sunglasses give a sense of distance, so don’t dress up formal or too dark outfit when wearing dark sunglass, for example, dark sunglass isn’t appropriate for a tailored suit, which will reminiscent of the movie gangster and his bodyguards.

So, it’s best to wear casual sportswear with dark sunglasses. Female can use the dress detail such as lace, bowknot to reconcile the strength and concordances of dark sunglasses. Don’t choose too deep color on the basis of clothing colour, light-colored is more appropriate. In addition, dark sunglasses are a great way to mask the defect eye shape or eye problems such as swelling or congestion; you can use these sunnies when you have these problems.

Soft makeup

Dark sunglasses themselves have the effect of accentuating facial contours, if you wear a lot of make-up will increase the sense of distance. So makeup should be soft, be charming and approachable, let soft makeup look and dark sunglasses produce comparative beauty. However, if the face is flatter, you can use these sun glasses to enhance facial modeling instead. In addition, this year’s trend for nude makeup is also for dark sunglasses, but smoke makeup is out.

Light eye shadow

When wearing dark sunglasses, eye shadow is almost invisible, so the most important is that you should choose eye shadow according to your own temperament, as long as don’t wear too much eye shadow.

Bright lip gloss

Recommend a brighter lip color; bright-colored lip gloss with a higher purity of color goes well with dark sunglasses.


First, you should know that what hairstyle suits your temperament, for example, some classical people can wear their hair up and pair it with dark sunglasses for a retro Audrey Hepburn look; Ironed the hair that rolls greatly loose, there is very romantic feminine flavor to wear sunglasses casually on the hair.

All-match for different hair color

Dark sunglasses are relatively more traditional, which is mainly classic styles, so the dark lenses can be used for different hair colors, you can choose hair color according to personal disposition.